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  Unable to download data in preview (intermittent)
Posted by: sten_knutsen - 8 hours ago - Forum: Platform Improvement - Replies (2)

Many times after running a study in preview (not as a session) and clicking the "Download Data" button (next to "To get data after previewing, click ->") nothing happens no matter how long I wait. 
However sometimes, I'll do the same, and after a minute or so, the data is available. Is there any way of fixing this issue? It can be frustrating to spend 20-30 minutes testing a study in preview and then not being able to download the data!

-- sten

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  Free Recall - how do I change the duration?
Posted by: wgor - 09-05-2022, 08:06 PM - Forum: Experimental Design - Replies (1)

It is my first time working with this software and my question might sound silly, but is there a way to change the amount of time the participants will have to name the categories in this test? I used the template and it is set for only 10 seconds and I would like to make it 60 seconds. Thank you in advance! It looks like that now:
"FreeRecallInstructionTT": {
    "type": "instruction",
    "stimuli": [
  "FullCategory": {
    "type": "instruction",
    "stimuli": [
      "Things in the kitchen",
    "delay": 0,
    "stimulus_pattern": {
      "order": "fixed"
    "responses": [

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  Cannot find coding error in new grammar
Posted by: czeidan - 08-16-2022, 02:59 PM - Forum: Study Grammar & Management - Replies (4)

I received this error when trying to preview and launch a new session but I cannot find the coding error in the Study Grammar:
"Your study contains coding errors that we cannot automatically detect yet. Please refer to the Study Grammar Reference for help."

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  2022 Summer Study Grammar Update!
Posted by: Ting - 08-12-2022, 11:03 AM - Forum: New Study Grammar Features - No Replies

Dear Researchers,

We are excited to announce the availability of the 2022 Summer Study Grammar Update! FindingFive servers (US and EU) will be updated on the early morning of Monday August 15, 2022 to include the following changes:

A Completely Redesigned Multi-row Rating Response

The newly designed rating response now supports presenting multiple questions (i.e., rows of ratings) in a single response. This can be quite handy if you are interested in asking participants to rate on multiple properties of a stimulus (e.g., the shape, size, and color of an object). Previously, you'd need to create three rating responses and stack them awkwardly on the same trial - well, that kind of hassle is no longer necessary!


Additionally, you'll find the redesigned rating response to be aesthetically more pleasing and congruent with the overall theme of FindingFive.

New Audio Recording Tricks
The audio response and the background audio response can now do the following two nifty tricks:

  • Automatically trimming the leading silence of a recording
  • Automatically stopping a recording when participants stop speaking (heuristically determined)
Using these two features will implicitly turn on the onset detection feature, and you can adjust the onset sensitivity value to experiment with these two new features beyond the default settings.

If you have any questions regarding this grammar update, please leave your comments below. Thanks!

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  Can't post study on Mturk
Posted by: atfrederiksen - 08-10-2022, 02:41 PM - Forum: Study Grammar & Management - Replies (3)

I'm encountering a new issue. I'm trying to launch a study as a production study on Mturk. I have previewed the study and there are no issues. I can launch a session locally on Finding Five. However, when I try to launch a session on Mturk, I get stuck on after I click 'schedule the session'. The blue box + wheel in the top center of the screen ('scheduling session') stays up, but nothing happens. I have tried letting it work for up to 10 mins, but it never completes and never gives any error message. Has anyone encountered this, and how do I solve it?

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  Consistent Unnamed Error
Posted by: M. Yarkin ERgin - 08-07-2022, 02:56 AM - Forum: Platform Improvement - Replies (8)


I am encountering a problem.

Whenever I try to preview my study, I get this pop-up:

[Image: IBLf9Nx.png]

Normally, I'd get a syntax error or two at trial templates or procedure, but this after all of that's done. All errors due stimuli name not matching, response csv, etc. all that is fine.

Details of the experiment: just a bunch of written sentences being displayed as stimuli in each trial, and an audio response is recorded.
I suspect it has to do with my response items, because stimuli are literally just basic sentences. I am including definitions for both my response and a generic stimulus 


  "type": "audio",
  "instruction": "Okuyuşunuzdan memnun olduktan sonra \"boşluk\" tuşuna basarak bir sonraki cümleye geçebilirsiniz.",
  "rerecording_allowed": false,
  "volume_visualizer": true,
  "alignment": "center",
  "onset_detection": true,
  "padding": 1000,
  "auto_start": true,
  "key_stop": " "
  "type": "text",
  "content": "Zürafayı gördü fil.",
  "alignment": "center",
  "size": "50px",
  "delay": 1

}Would greatly appreciate help or guidance with respect to what could be causing this unexpected error.

Thank you
M. Yarkın Ergin

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  Uploading responses from csv: Difficulty with key mapping
Posted by: aczyp - 08-05-2022, 05:31 AM - Forum: Study Grammar & Management - Replies (3)

we are a group of students using Anna's account to ask for advice on how to upload responses more efficiently. We are currently learning how to use FindingFive.
We are working on a self-paced reading task with many different responses for presenting individual questions. We upload the questions from a csv file.
The difficulty arises with the key mapping specification. In the csv file, we specified the choices and key mapping like this:
choices;       key_mapping
YES, NO;     ["C", "M"]
In the uploaded response, it looked like this:
"type": "choice",
"choices": ["YES","NO"],
"key_mapping":["C","M"], ...
which we think should be fine. However, we got an error message saying that the numbers of choices and keys don't match. When we opened the stimuli and clicked on "save" without changes, the experiment ran without error messages.
It does not seem to be a straightforward formatting issue, since we could solve it simply by opening the responses, clicking "save" for each one without any changes, and running the experiment again. However, it is of course a bit cumbersome to do it this way. 
Would you have any advice on how to avoid this error in uploading in the future? Is something about the format of our csv file not quite right? Could it be something about the settings on our computers that we need to change? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your help.

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  Continue Button
Posted by: megd95 - 07-26-2022, 10:58 PM - Forum: Experimental Design - Replies (2)

I am trying to run a lexical decision task.  Is it possible to present the prime stimulus followed by the target word without requiring the continue button between? I tried setting the trial duration (removed the continue button) however, the trial then timed out without requiring an answer to the lexical decision.

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  "Entering" lines of text
Posted by: rmizrahi - 07-06-2022, 07:48 PM - Forum: Study Grammar & Management - Replies (1)

Hi All,
I have tried several ways of separating lines of text into different rows, so it doesn't appear as a single paragraph. I have not been successful with the exception of a work around that involves adding another stimuli with a blank, I assume there is an easier way to do this. 
Thank you!

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  EU server / US server
Posted by: stellestrellaj - 05-31-2022, 07:53 AM - Forum: Experimental Design - Replies (3)

Dear FindingFive,

I have a question regarding the server difference between the EU and the US. I have set up a study using the EU server but would like to run experiments with people potentially based in the US. Will there be any glitches if I do this?


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