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  Changing the font of a part of a target
Posted by: Paweł Stefański - 05-11-2023, 02:45 PM - Forum: Study Grammar & Management - Replies (3)

Hello All. 
I am working on a new study and I need to change the size, or colour, or make bold only a one word/phrase of the response sentence. For example, in the following response: 'to beat around the bush' , I would like the word 'bush' to be bold, and the other words to have 'regular' font. As an alternative, it can have different colour or size. I know the program allows a researcher to adjust the size of the whole response, but is it possible to change the part of it to be bold? (or change its colour or?).
If yes, how should I create a particular command? 
Thank you in advance! 
Kind regards

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  within-subject blocking within a between-subject design
Posted by: ytgu - 05-06-2023, 01:56 AM - Forum: Experimental Design - Replies (2)


I wonder how I could counterbalance the order of "test_noise" and "test_accent" for a between-subject design? Subjects should be randomly assigned to Group 1, 2, or 3, but they will complete both noise test and accent test, and I wish to counterbalance the order of these 2 test blocks. Here's my code:

"block_sequence": [
                    "General_Instruction", "Subject_ID", "Sound_check",
                    {"Group1":["c_practice", "c_exposure_1", "c_exposure_2", "c_exposure_3", "c_test_noise", "c_test_accent", "c_baseline"],
                    "Group2":["n_practice", "n_exposure_1", "n_exposure_2", "n_exposure_3", "n_test_noise", "n_test_accent", "n_baseline"],
                    "Group3":["a_practice", "a_exposure_1", "a_exposure_2", "a_exposure_3", "a_test_noise", "a_test_accent", "a_baseline"]}


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  Tokenized Text Word Position in Output
Posted by: aromanir - 04-24-2023, 12:45 PM - Forum: General Feedback - Replies (3)

Hi, I have collected data from a word-by-word self-paced study on FindingFive and am currently in the process of analyzing it. Although, FindingFive does record the RTs per each word (see yellow column in screenshot for RTs and blue column for each word in the sentence), the output does not provide a column that allows the researcher to see the position of each word in the full sentence. So far, I have been filtering my experimental conditions in Excel and labelling each word position manually (see green column). However, I was wondering if there is a more efficient way of doing this? Whether it be by using a specific argument I can add to the tokenized text option, or if someone has an automated Excel sheet or R script that can facilitate this process. Thanks in advance!

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  FAQ - participant payments
Posted by: AshMcD - 02-10-2023, 05:30 PM - Forum: Study Grammar & Management - No Replies

Q: How can I reimburse my participants for being in my study?

A: For studies launched directly on FindingFive, you can maintain an account balance to pay participants. Using the money in that account there are 3 ways participants can choose to be reimbursed. We support paying participants directly via PayPal or a digital gift card (including a digital debit card option). Alternatively, students can also receive course credit.

For studies launched on Mechanical Turk, payment is processed by Amazon. We will check your AWS account balance to make sure it has enough funds to cover the cost of your study session before launching it.

You are also welcome to arrange payment outside of the FindingFive platform.

For more information on payments and course credits, you can visit our Researcher FAQ page.

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  FAQ #6 - timeout duration vs trial duration
Posted by: AshMcD - 01-24-2023, 05:03 PM - Forum: Study Grammar & Management - No Replies

Q: When should I use timeout duration vs. trial duration?

A: When you are trying to do a speeded task where participants must respond within X number of seconds depending on the trial, the recommended approach is set a timeout duration on the choice response rather than on the trial. Trial durations are usually only a good idea for training trials, where no responses are needed. For more information about controlling trial timing, see: Adjusting the Timing of Trials | FindingFive Study Grammar Documentation

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  Relaunch Sessions with Stimulus Files
Posted by: Ting - 12-01-2022, 09:48 AM - Forum: Known Issues - No Replies

Dear Researchers,

We have discovered an issue with how stimulus files were handled in the latest study grammar version. If you had launched a session in the past week that required external stimulus files, it might have reported network errors to participants. This issue is now fixed, thanks to the timely report by Yilmaz Dogukan Ozlu from University of Arizona.

We highly recommend stopping the current session and launching a new one. You only need to do so if:

  • Your session is launched under the latest Study Grammar version (i.e., you previewed your experiment within the last 2 weeks)
  • Your experiment uses stimulus files.
You are not affected if you haven't launched a new session within the past two weeks.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this technical issue. Thank you so much for your patience, and we'll strive to further improve our infrastructure to minimize the chances of such incidents in the future.


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  2022 Fall Study Grammar Update!
Posted by: Ting - 11-09-2022, 10:02 AM - Forum: New Study Grammar Features - No Replies

Dear Researchers,

The 2022 Fall Study Grammar Update is almost here! This update contains quite a few new features and improvements that we are really excited about! FindingFive servers (US and EU, in their respective local times) will be updated on the early morning of Friday, November 11, 2022 to include the following changes:

1. Major Upgrade - Stimulus files are now bundled with launched sessions!

We have implemented a groundbreaking solution that addresses multiple pain points in running experiments with stimulus files. Starting with this grammar update, stimulus files are now bundled with launched sessions, instead of being dynamically sourced from "Resource Files" storage. This has a number of advantages:

  • You can edit, replace, or even remove stimulus files in your account (under "Resource Files") after a session is launched. Such actions won't affect the active session because copies of the stimulus files have already been bundled together with the launched session.
  • The rendered experiment in a launched session will generally load faster as bundled stimulus files are saved into our distributed cloud infrastructure, as compared to a centralized database. 
  • We will soon be able to introduce a "time capsule" function, where you can duplicate the exact settings of a previous session, even using stimulus files that have been bundled with that session.
Please note: you MUST launch your session with the latest grammar version to use this feature. If your session is launched with grammar version 3.3.0 or lower, stimulus files will NOT be bundled with sessions.

2. Feature Enhancements and Bug Fixes to the Rating Response

The rating response has gained the following new features:
  • A new "target" property which allows accuracy determination on individual rating responses (when applicable) and/or in evaluating accuracy for conditionally branched procedures.
  • A new "target_sum" property which requires the sum of ratings in a multi-row rating response to add up to a certain number (our thanks to Souad Kheder of University of Florida for suggestion this feature)
The rating response also has a bugfix:
  • When used with multiple rows, the rating response no longer momentarily flashes all rows in the beginning under the Safari browser. This issue did not affect Firefox or Chrome users.
3. Forcing the Display Language of an Experiment

It is now possible to force the Display Language of a FindingFive experiment - i.e., the language used in system-provided components, such as the greeting page, continue button, pop-up messages, and etc. This is done via setting the new "language" property in the procedure of an experiment.

4. Update to the Choice Response

The choice response can now be configured to also report the location of choice response options via the new "record_location" property. This can be especially useful in cases where the locations of response options are randomly sampled. (Our thanks to Bissera Ivanova of UNIVERSITE D-AIX-MARSEILLE for suggesting this feature!)

5. Minor Updates to the Overall Theme of an Experiment

We are in the process of gradually updating the overall style of a FindingFive experiment. In this update, you'll see:
  • The cover page of an experiment has been updated to better confirm with the design language of the rest of FindingFive.
  • The base font of an experiment has been updated to use the same font as the rest of FindingFive.
6. Prompts for Directing Participants to Subsequent Studies in a Prerequisite Chain

FindingFive now displays a list of "Recommended Follow-up Studies" at the end of an experiment, if the experiment is a prerequisite (as configured in the Session Wizard) of another experiment. (Our thanks to Ariel Chan of UCLA for suggesting this feature!)

If you have any questions regarding this grammar update, please leave your comments below. Thanks!

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  Randomizing experimental stimuli with a following comprehension question
Posted by: arielchan - 11-03-2022, 08:06 PM - Forum: Study Grammar & Management - Replies (1)

Hello! I'm current coding an audio sentence judgment task with comprehension questions and I've been encountering difficulties for randomization. Specifically, for each test trial, participants will need to do the following things: (1) listen to a sentence, (2)  press "Yes" or "No" for the judgment task, and (3) answer a comprehension question. Currently, I'm looking for ways to randomized the order of the test audio stimuli, but I couldn't really find a way to do it because the order of the stimuli would not match the order of the corresponding comprehension question afterwards. Is there a way for us to do the randomization for this type of task? Any thoughts and feedback would be appreciated!

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  Possible to recover missing sessions?
Posted by: sten_knutsen - 10-25-2022, 03:43 PM - Forum: Platform Improvement - Replies (1)

I think I've made a big mistake! I ran several studies and collected data -- but didn't download data from the sessions. I then deleted the studies to make room for new (running out of file space). Now I can't find any of the study sessions with my data! Is there any way of recovering the data from my now missing sessions?

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  Auto-redirect function
Posted by: arielchan - 10-19-2022, 02:22 PM - Forum: Experimental Design - Replies (3)

I'm working on an experiment where I would like participants to take part in several studies (verbal fluency, picture-naming, AX-CPT, self-paced reading, judgement task) in one session. I am wondering if there's a way where I could code so that participants will be re-directed to another study automatically after completion of a study (like on Qualtrics survey)? I understand that we could potentially put together several studies into one trial template, but I'm trying to avoid it because of some of the time-lag issues that participants have been experiencing on tasks that measure reaction time. I'm also trying to avoid having different responses type on the same result file. Any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks so much!

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