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background audio not recording fully
Hi FF team,

I have a study in which i present pictures for 5 seconds and people have to say a sentence while i'm recording the background audio. When i listen to the recordings they are cut off - i can hear only half of my sentence, and i'm certain i finished speaking before the picture disappeared. I then tested by counting out loud until 5 so that 5 would come just around the end of picture presentation, and indeed the recordings only last until four or sometimes even three. I tried on chrome (i was using firefox before) and the same rhythm of counting this time had the picture disappear already at four (so this is also unexpected in itself, although  i know you recommend chrome and so request participants use that) and then the recording has me counting until three. 
I've already set up the background audio to last +1s to stimuli from group1 (that is the pictures)* and it still doesn't do it. Any advice? We definitely need the entirety of whatever was said during picture presentation recorded. In case you wanted to have a look at the study i've made a copy and titled it "study with audio not recording as long as specified".


* i've only done it for one of my blocks, to test, the practice block, which only has a few trials.
Hi Bissera,

The relative duration feature works with respect to audio stimuli only, which has a “genuine” duration that we can detect. If you are using pictures, it’s far easier to just set “duration” on the background audio response itself ( The relative duration feature is really only meant for audio stimuli, which may have variable durations (and thus makes “relative” duration necessary!). For pictures, I imagine you’ll set a prefixed duration to each picture, which defeats the purpose of using relative duration as an advantageous setup.

Hope this helps.
Hi Ting,

I understand what you mean about using the group duration feature, so i've now changed it, thanks. I tried two timings. The trial is set to last 4s. The background audio response i set first to 5 then to 8 seconds and it still only recorded until i count up to three - while the picture stays on screen until i count up to 5. Not sure what am i doing wrong... there's no delay on the picture stimulus compared to the trial, so i don't understand where this could be coming from... Again, tried with both Firefox and Chrome and the problem is still there (although again, on Chrome i need to count faster to get up to five before the picture disappears).

Hi Bissera,

I tested a background audio response with a 10 second duration and it works as expected. Did you set a trial duration which cuts off the trial? I'll ask Rachel to follow up with you.

Hi bissera, 

Did Ting's solution work for you? If not, would you mind sharing the study with me (, and I'll take a look?


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