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Multi-part study
I'd like to check on something: 
The FAQs say this:
To what extent does FindingFive remove identifiable personal information?

Once a study session is finished, you will be able to download participant data. Each participant will be identified by a special ID, non-reversably generated from their real FindingFive ID and your researcher FindingFive ID. As a result, each participant will have a persistent ID in the studies of the same researcher, but that ID differs between researchers, and does not exist in our database at all.
So, if I do a multi-part study where participants return for multiple sessions, the generated ID for each participant will be the same across each session they participate in. Is that correct? I'm asking because I need to be able to compare participant A's scores in the first session with their scores in the second session. I think that is what this is saying, but I wanted to make sure. Thank you.
Yes! That interpretation is correct! As long as the studies are owned / created by the same researcher, the participant ID of the same participant will always be the same across them.

Just to be clear, for a multi-part study, researchers would commonly need to set up multiple "studies" on FF. When launching the Day-2 study, you can select the Day-1 study as the prerequisite. This allows researchers to launch Day-1 and Day-2 studies at the same time, without worrying about the correct order participants need to take them. This is because participants can only see Day-1 first, as they are ineligible for Day-2. Once they finish Day-1, Day-2 shows up in their feed because now they are eligible.

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