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Spoken response to auto-advance trial
Hi - Does FindingFive have a feature that allows the participants verbal response to advance to the next trial? For example, the participant sees a picture of a "dog", as soon as the participant says "dog" it advances to the next image. 
On the other side of the same coin, is there a feature that automatically turns on the mic/recording feature with the onset of the trial?
The latter can be done! With either the audio response (look for the "auto_start" property) or the background audio response (where auto-start is the default and only behavior available since participants can't interact with the audio recorder as it is invisible).

The first feature is an interesting idea - it can definitely be done. I think the caveat is the accuracy of the detection: what if the participant just coughed and FF thought they said something and advanced to the next trial? It will be very hard to get around those kinds of issues. If that's an acceptable tradeoff, we should find a time to video chat and figure out a timeline for implementing this feature.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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