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Visual items appear in the same location within trial
I have trials with three sounds playing. With the first two sounds I have a + appear and a X appear with the last sound. These appear just for the sound and then disappear using duration and delay. The problem is that the +s and X do not appear in the same location even though I use "vertical_center" for the trial template or "alignment": center for the stimuli. If I do these the first + appears on the left, the second in the center, and the X on the right. Here is the code:
    "PracticeTrials": {
    "type": "AFC",
    "stimuli": [["dental_CV1", "Plus_Sign1_dental", "alveo_CV2", "Plus_Sign2_alveo", "dental_CV3", "X_Sign_dental_alveo_dental"]],
    "responses": ["First"],
    "vertical_center": true

I have also tried using "which" and "location". This puts them in the center, but the first + is higher with the second + a little lower and the X lower.
  "PracticeTrials": {
    "type": "AFC",
    "stimuli": [{"which": ["dental_CV1", "Plus_Sign1_dental", "alveo_CV2", "Plus_Sign2_alveo", "dental_CV3", "X_Sign_dental_alveo_dental"], "location": [2,2,2,2,2,2]}],
    "responses": ["First"]

I simply need each one to appear in the same location after the previous one disappears. How do I do that?
Hi there!

Without seeing the crosshairs in action (+ and Xs), I'm thinking the reason why it is moving is because you are putting all of the crosshairs on the same trial. When you do that, they all have to occupy their own space. I'd recommend using the yoked trials feature, so that you can split the audio stimulus and crosshair (X/+s) up and put them on their own trials. If you do this, they'll still be generated from the same trial template.

We have a great tutorial that you can use to learn more about the yoked trial feature: The only thing that may be different is if you choose not to have your stimulus pairs randomized. If this is the case, go ahead and use "alternate" pattern rather than alternate random.
We also have a new "tokenized image" stimulus that might work for this situation exactly!

See our announcement post here:

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