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Sentence transcription study paired with images
Hello everyone, I am trying to set up a sentence transcription in findingfive, which was implemented in E-prime in our lab for in-person testing.

In each trial of the experiment, participant will first see a picture 350ms prior to the sentence onset, and the picture remains on the screen for the length of the sentence. One image per sentence. After the image/sentence presentation, both image and sentence will disappear and participant sees a blank screen in which they transcribe the sentence they just heard (not timed). There are about 123 trials total in this experiment.

I am hoping to get more insight on what would be the best ways to send up trial templates and procedure. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much!
I'm assuming transcription means the sentences are presented as audio stimuli, but this can be achieved with text stimuli, too. See this FAQ about having multiple stimuli on the same trial. As far as making the image appear 350ms sooner, just set a delay of 0.35 seconds on your sentence stimuli. 
Are participants supposed to press "continue" to proceed to the screen where they type the sentence, or does this happen automatically when the sentence is finished playing/after some duration? This behavior can be controlled with the "auto_advance" property in your trial template
To have the blank screen with text box trial follow each image-sentence trial, you might create a separate trial template for these text box trials and use the pattern property in your procedure to yoke the trials together appropriately.

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