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Conditional branching with one branch terminating the experiment
I have seen the instructions for and demos/examples of conditional branching. However, these all seem to have the participants continue after the branching at the same point in the study, meaning that all participants will work through the rest of the study until the end. I need to check to see if my participants are using appropriate equipment. If they are not, I need one branch to end the study so that they do not continue through the study with equipment that will nullify their data. Is it possible to do that? If so, how?
Yes, this is possible! Define your branching block as referenced in the Procedures documentation. Then your block sequence will look something like this, where Branch A participants end the study for not having the appropriate equipment while Branch B participants continue on:

"block_sequence": ["block_1", "branching_block", {"A": ["exit_block"], "B": ["block_2", "block_3", ... , "end_block"]}]
Thank you very much! I got it to work.

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