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Add participants to session
If possible, I feel it would be helpful to have the ability to increase the number of participants in a session, especially since we cannot have more than one session for the same study. If we can extend the session, why not add more participants to it? Thanks!
Hi there,

Great suggestion! One immediate fix: You can go in and create a new session after the previous one closes or after you terminate it. The link to access the study will be the same, so if you are recruiting from your own participant pool, you won't need to update the link.

Nonetheless, I'll pass this suggestion along and keep you posted! Smile

Thanks for choosing FindingFive!
Hi! You can actually do this on the "view session details" page. There's a plus icon next to the number of participants. Click on it and you'll be able to add additional spots.
Great. Thank you. In that case I might suggest making it orange like the one for extending the time of the study and perhaps making it bigger. I don't think I would have missed it if it was like that. Thanks!

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