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New instructions on second iteration
When using iterations with the accuracy method, if a participant fails the first try, they are taken back to the instructions just prior to the start of the first try.  Is there a way to give them new instructions after the first fail and before the second try, for example, something like: "Oops! You failed the test. Lets try again."?  
Thank you!
oh that's a great question! Please give us a little time to brainstorm about it!
Hello - unfortunately there isn't a straightforward way to do this, and we'll definitely introduce something to remedy that in a future grammar update. For the time being, I guess you can create some trial at the beginning of the block to make some general instruction? Like:

"You'll listen to xxxx. If you are here the first time, good luck! If you are seeing this message again, it means your performance in the previous round has reached a satisfactory level yet."

Hacky, but still effective?

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