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sequential presentation of image stimuli
Hi Chiara, this is weird. I just tried previewing a study on the EU server and it works fine. Can you try again? It could be a temporary configuration mixup at our server provider.

If the problem persists, can you add search my name under "collaborators" and add me as a collaborator? I'll take a look at your experiment.

Edit: I'm pretty sure it's a temporary mixup at Cloudflare. We've reached out to them to let them know. It should not happen again.
Unfortunately the problem still persists.

The weird thing is that the study preview used to work fine before I added the new code containing tokenized images, but now it does not run even if I remove that part.

I have just added you as a collaborator, it would be great if you could take a look at it. Thanks!
Hi Chiara, I can replicate the problem! We'll figure out what's going on and let you know soon.

So far my best guess is that somehow our server fails to compile your study in a timely window and it resulted in a timeout. The timeout page, since it's served by cloudflare, isn't allowed to be displayed in an embedded iframe. That's why you saw the messages in the developer console in firefox (they are very helpful!). This should be a technical issue we can figure out soon.

Thanks for alerting us about this! We are learning something new here too. Smile
Thank you for your quick reply!
I'll wait to hear back from you, then.

Have a nice day Smile
Hi Chiara,

The good news is that your study should run again starting tomorrow (May 22)! The reason why it didn't was the number of stimulus files - more than 2K! Our previous mechanism for handling stimulus files never imagined there would be more than 2K images per study, so that's why it crashed. We used this opportunity to significantly improved that part of FindingFive, which should make launching new sessions faster for everyone. So thank *you* for helping us break a technical barrier! Smile

However, since your study is still relatively big, I would advise patience - whenever things appear to be loading, just let it load for a bit, and it should eventually work. Also, if there's any room for deleting or refactoring some stimuli from your study, it'll make things even smoother!
Hi Ting,

The study runs again and it does so very smoothly.
Thank you very much for your support, I am happy to see that the platform is improving every day!

You are most welcome! Thanks for using FindingFive, and giving us marching orders on making it better! Wink

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