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Replayable trial templates
Hi guys,
I've hit a snag in the most recent study I'm designing which involves making a trial template replayable. 
I'm presenting participants with a forced choice task where they hear two sound files and have to pick the one that best matches the picture in the middle of the screen. Everything works great until you click the "Replay Trial" button. Things seem to reload but then freeze after the first sound file plays. Neither the second sound nor the response buttons appear and the poor participant is left stranded. Any ideas on what might cause this?
Thanks in advanceSmile
Hi! This might be a bug. Can you PM me the URL of your study? I'll add myself as a collaborator to your study and take a look. Thanks!
Hi Kerry! We have implemented a solution for this issue on our testing server, Can you try previewing your study again on the testing server? If it works now, please let us know and we'll move the fix to the production server.

You're brilliant, Ting!
Whatever you did solved the problem and the testing trial run beautifully now. I'll keep an eye on the study on the production server so I know when the fix is transferred over there tooSmile
That's awesome! We'll schedule the fix for the production server today so it'll be effective tomorrow (2/25)! Thanks for reporting this issue!

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