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Question regarding choice response properties

I had a question regarding properties of responses in finding five. Is it possible to change the size and/or location of the response option buttons? 

-For size, it seems now that responses of different lengths now have buttons that are different sizes (see bottom of attached screenshot). This wasn't the case a few weeks ago (see top of attached screenshot), and I wanted to see if there was some way to return to the original formatting, so that all buttons are of equal size to participants.

-For location, I was wondering if it was possible to make response options closer/further apart on the screen? I'm seeing "layout" and "wrap" properties, but these are slightly different than what I'm looking for. Specifically, I am interested in having two response options that are close to one another so participants may quickly decide between one or the other. It may not be possible, but I just wanted to double check.

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For size, there was an update to FindingFive that forced all options to be the same width. That could be what put your "Definitely False" onto two lines. However, it could also be a screen size issue. Did you run the study on a different computer the most recent time? Because participants' screen sizes vary, it is possible that the response options will appear differently on a 16" laptop vs. an 11" laptop and so on. You might be able to use the "layout" option (see highlighted: to put all of the responses in a grid. This would limit the chance for screen size to be a determining factor because all of the options would be housed in the grid in the center of the screen. Is response option size/location is important for analyzing your findings?

For the location, FF currently allows you to specify the the alignment of the options (left, right, or center), but it doesn't allow exact coordinates. The layout feature (grid) might be a way to get the options closer together than they are currently though.

Let me know if you have other questions!
Hi Grace,

Regarding size, these screenshots are from the same exact computer, so it seems more likely that it was due to the uniform width update. For this experiment, having equal option sizes would be important, as we don't want certain options to be more visually salient or easily click-able. Perhaps a workaround would be to create image stimuli of the same dimensions (depicting the text) for the response options to ensure that all responses are of the same size. If there is some other way to change the size of the response buttons though, please let me know!

Regarding location, unfortunately the "layout" response doesn't let me get two responses closer to one another. But thanks for your response on this!
A quick workaround to try is perhaps adding some leading or trailing spaces to some of the options, "fooling" the system into thinking them they are already equally wide? Might not work but worth a try!
Hi! Actually scratch my above message - this turns out be an issue that we can optimize out. We have applied a bug fix and it should take effect tomorrow (2/20). You don't need to do anything. Give it a try and let us know? Thanks!
Thank you! This seems to be fixed now Smile

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