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Need help coding a simple break
Hello, I am a research assistant. Our lab professor would like us to code a break for the users at the halfway point of the experiment that we are coding. I am not very well versed in code and after looking at grammar references for a couple of hours, I gave up. Does anyone have a format to code this kind of function? Thanks in advance.
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*insert mandatory 15-second break with a screen that says something like "this is a mandatory break, please take a second to look away from the screen."
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This is our current code:
Trial Template: 
  "Instr":{"type": "instruction",
        "stimuli": ["TrainingInst"],
        "duration": 10
  "Trial1": {
    "type": "basic",
    "stimuli": ["video1","video2","video3","video4","video5","video6","video7","video8","video9","video10","video11","video12","video13","video14","video15","video16","video17","video18","video19","video20"],
    "response_pairing": "alternate",
    "stimulus_pattern": {"order": "random"},
    "responses": ["1R","2R","3R","4R","5R","6R","7R","8R","9R","10R","11R","12R","13R","14R","15R","16R","17R","18R","19R","20R"],
    "delay": 3

    "type": "blocking",
    "blocks": {
      "TrialBlock": {
        "trial_templates": ["Trial1"],
        "cover_trials": ["Instr"]
    "block_sequence": ["TrialBlock"]
Hello! Great question. Catch trials should be a good option for you ( to insert the break while still allowing the experimental trials to be randomized. With catch trials, you'll be able to select how many experimental trials you'd like to occur between each 15sec break (i.e., catch trial). Without using catch trials, you wouldn't be able to randomize all experimental trials between themselves and/or you wouldn't be able to specify when you'd like the break to occur because you'd likely need to break up your experimental/break trials between blocks rather than keep them in one block.

You can use the duration property in your break trial to set it to appear for 15 seconds before transitioning to the next experimental trial in your block. This will allow the response option to be hidden until the 15sec duration has passed (forcing them to remain on that break trial and not skip ahead). See more on duration here:

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