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View data from participants that abandoned the study
Is it possible to see the data from participants that "abandoned" the study? Sorry if I missed this option somewhere in the tutorials I went through. I am only seeing data from those that did the full study and are marked as "completed". At the beginning I check to make sure that they have the right equipment. If not, they say so and they are branched out of the study. I need to be able to see data that shows that they made this choice. If they do, then my recruitment platform instructs me not to pay them. Also, seeing incomplete responses would allow me to see the amount of the study they did before it froze or they left, permitting me to pay them a percent of the total amount. So, can we see data from those participants?
Unfortunately, our privacy policy does not allow data from participants who abandon a study to be released to researchers. If you selected to view information of all participants during the session setup, you will get how much time they have spent on a study. Researchers have generally used that as a metric for compensation, if needed.
Also just FYI - for participants who branch out the study, they will still be marked as completed. You should set up your study in a way so that branching out brings them all the way to the end of the study (using the new $exit block would do the trick). Hope this helps.

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