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FAQ #5 - Allow Past Dropouts of a Study to Retry
FindingFive doesn’t allow people to retry a study, but in some cases, participants need to be able to re-take a study even if they had a hiccup or quit half way the first time (e.g., if participating for course credit). How can researchers set up another session so that these participants can retake the study? 
The link researchers send out to participants is a "study URL" rather than a "session URL". This allows researchers to stop sessions and start new ones while using the same link for recruiting participants. To allow participants to retake a study, stop the current session and set up a new one, being sure to uncheck "Block participants who attempted but failed to complete a past session of this study" on the session wizard.
As of August, 2022, it is now also possible to nullify a participation record via "Manage Participants" on the Session Dashboard. Once a participation record is nullified, the participant can try again for the same session.

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