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Combine text and key press responses
I am very grateful to finding five.

I already test those functions; however, I found two bugs marked in the attached document.
1) Messy responses: I suppose that after collecting each key with the "keypress function," the complete response should be collected when participants submit their responses; nevertheless, there is a delay when text response is saved. You can see in the attached file, in the tab "words" cells marked in gray that correspond to each keypress for the word "cup," then several keypresses from other words, and finally the text response "cup."
2) Repetition of keypress responses: In the attached document, you can find in the tab "words" some cells marked in blue that exemplify how keypress is repeated throughout the document. This word (wall) is only one example, but there are several keypress repetitions if you see it in detail. To test this problem, I performed a second test responding only with one keypress using the "a" character. Forty-eight stimuli should be 48 keypresses cells and 48 text submissions; however, there are 365 keypresses responses and 48 text responses (this last number is correct).

I appreciate your help.

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