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Voice activated reaction time
I remember seeing an email from FindingFive late last year saying that FF has a beta version of voice activated reaction time as a kind of response for experiment. I wonder if there's an API I can refer to set up to test the voice activated reaction time in my experiment? Thank you!
Hello! Please refer to the onset_detection property of the audio response:

Let us know if you have any questions!
Thanks Lucy! To follow up on the voiced activated RT measure, I wonder the reaction time is measured after the stimuli has stopped playing, or is it measured after the onset of the trial? If it's the latter case, is there a way where I can set the reaction time being measured after the stimuli stops playing?
The onset detection is with respect to the activation of the audio recording response, which in turn depends on the barrier setting of your stimuli ( You can check out the barrier tutorial here:

In other words, when all the barriers of your stimuli release, the audio recording should activate, and then that's the point where the onset RT is measured against.

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