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Seeing data before the session ends

We definitely sympathize with your issue of having participants not following instructions. Dr. Jenny Roche at Kent State has used the mouse tracking paradigm, and asked her participants if they had a mouse three times before letting them continue on to the rest of the study, as people are less likely to lie multiple times. A strategy like this may help!

FindingFive does not allow researchers to see data while the session is currently running. This is a major privacy concern that is against many IRBs, as a researcher could match up participant names and emails to the data if they check the data every time a new participant completes the study. If you need to reward credits every 24 hours, I do suggest stopping a session and starting a new one every day. The link to a study remains the same between sessions, so participants can continue to click on the same link you gave them when you initially started the study.

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