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Perception study/Phonology
I am new using FindingFive and I am practicing how to use this platform by setting up an experiment for a perception study I need to conduct, and I was wondering if you happen to have more detail tutorials (e.g., videos) on how to set it up. I believe that the syntax I am using has an error. When I try to run it, it says line 183 has an error, but I don’t see this line numbered anywhere. I wonder if the error might be coming from a discrepancy between the trial templates/procedure and/or responses? I also uploaded the audio files in wav. format. In the “stimuli” grammar reference guidelines for “audio”, it does not specify other type of audio formats. I tried also to upload them in mp3 files, but it would not allow me.
So, if you have more specific guidelines for a phonology study that includes an identification and discrimination tasks, I would appreciate it.
Looking forward to any suggestions!
Hello! All of our tutorials are available here:

Check out this FAQ about syntax errors:

mp3 audio files do work on FF. What happens when you try to upload them?
For the mp3 files, it says that it does not appear to be an audio, image ... this is when I upload it as a single file, because as a Zip file does not appear to be recognized. ?
Can you provide a link to the mp3 file so that we can take a look? thanks!
Here is the link. Thanks!
Happy to help! We've discovered the underlying cause and put in a fix. The production servers will be updated overnight today - if you try again tomorrow, everything should work! (Be sure to close your open tabs of FindingFive and reload your browser to let the update kick in.)

Thanks for providing the files so that we could test this issue. Smile
Thank you very much! I may have other questions letter, but for the moment I was able to upload them.

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