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FAQ #2 - Multiple Stimuli on Same Trial
How do I get two or more stimuli to appear on the same trial?
In a trial template, stimuli can take a nested list. In the example "stimuli": ["s1", ["s2", "s3"], ... , "sn"], s2 and s3 will appear on the same trial. These stimuli will default to sensible locations if they are visible. To have two or more stimuli appear on the same trial in specific locations, use the custom option: use a list of dictionaries to specify stimuli and their locations. For example, "stimuli": [{"which": ["s1", "s2"], "location": [1, 9]}] specifies that s1 and s2 will appear on the same trial, with s1 in the top left corner and s2 in the bottom right. See our documentation for more. 

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