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language in the "continue" button
I've noticed that the first screen one gets when running a task (informed consent, etc.) as well as the continue buttons that appear along the task, are in Spanish. How can I change them to English? I usually have two versions of each task, one in each language.
Hi! Currently the language of most (but not all) system built-in dialogs and buttons will adapt to the language setting of your browser. You are seeing Spanish probably because the preferred language of your browser is also Spanish?

We are planning to introduce the ability to coerce the display language to a specific one that researchers prefer participants to see. Would that feature be useful for your studies?
Has this feature been introduced ("the ability to coerce the display language to a specific one")? In other words, is it possible to control the language of the default instructions in the syntax of the study? I plan on having multilingual participants and I have no way of knowing what language they use on their computer/browser. But for my study, I need participants to see the instructions like "You'll be able to continue the study in ... seconds" in French, so that there is no priming from other languages that they speak.
Hi linguistics_pixie,

Unfortunately, this feature has not been introduced. Can you tell me a little more about what you need? Are you concerned that participants may have their browsers set to a language other than French, when you'd like everyone to receive instructions in French?

Just an update that this feature will be available in the November grammar update (happening in early November 2022)!

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