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Retry study after dropping out
I am currently running sessions with the option to allow past participants turned off, but the option to allow past 'dropouts' to retry turned on. However, I've heard from participants that they haven't been able to retry the study. Specifically, I think participants are opening the study on one device, switching to another device, and attempting to reopen.
It may be that participants simply aren't actually closing the page on the first device, which would be a whole other issue. However, before starting to investigate those options, I thought I'd check if there are other common issues with implementing the retry options or any suggestions for things to check here?
Hello! Please see this related thread:

Unchecking this option "Block participants who attempted but failed to complete a past session of this study" means that participants who failed to complete a past session will be able to complete your current session. Participants who drop out of a currently running session cannot access the same session.
Ahh, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for clarifying!

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