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Questions RE: Prolific Compatibility

I was wondering if anyone set up their FindingFive study on Prolific? If so, is there anything special I need to do for them to work together?


1. Is there a way to end the study early if participants fail an attention check? And if so, can we provide them with a different completion message at the end, so they can report a different completion code to Prolific?

2. After participants complete the study, is there a way to automatically redirect participants with a provided URL so that it automatically captures their completion in Prolific?

3. Prolific has a feature where you can supply participants with logins and passwords to survey tools. Is this compatible with FindingFive? Or are participants forced to make their own accounts on FindingFive?

Thank you for any and all who respond/help!

Hi Elli, we replied to your email for the same question too! Here is what we said:

Yes, many researchers create their experiments on FindingFive and then post it on Prolific. So it's a well-established use of our platform. All you need to do is to create an "institutional pool" session and then share the study URL with your prolific participants. Remember to (1) set an access code to your session and (2) only display the completion code at the very end of your experiment.

To answer your specific questions:

1. Yes. You should check out the grammar documentation on a feature called "Early Exit": You'll need to use the conditional branching feature, and we have a study template for that when you create a new experiment.

2. No. You will need to set up two completion codes instead. One that corresponds to the "normal exit", and the other for early exits.

3. Don't do that. That only leads to confusion in our experience. Just post the FindingFive study URL once you've launched the session. You can find the URL in session management. Prolific participants in general are well versed in dealing with FindingFive. Many of them have existing accounts, and they can create accounts on FindingFive to complete your study.

Any questions please let us know! Thanks!

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