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Space between two phrases
I was wondering whether I could make some space between two phrases. 
For instance, I want to create a stimulus that shows "a key                 to lock". 
However, when I made some space manually between the two phrases using a spacebar and run a preview, the two phrases were adjacent without any separation.
So instead, I used dashes and this is how I coded for this stimulus:

  "type": "text",
  "content": "a key----------------------------------to lock",
  "alignment": "left",
  "size": "50px"

However, I'd like to know whether there is a way to make some space between the two phrases without using dashes. 

Hi Hyeonah,

Thanks for your question! Please insert the html code   between "a key" and "to lock" and it should be rendered as a single space. You should repeat the code to create more space. Let us know if you keep having the same issue.

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