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new session button isn't available
I'm trying to launch my study. When I click on Sessions, I see Active and Finished but I don't see New Session. If I click on Active and Finished, nothing is there. How do I launch my study?
You probably haven't activated your account yet. Is there a message at the top of your screen? It should say that your email is not verified or something.

You can go to "Hi xxx" -> Account Settings -> Personal & Security, and click on "resend verification email". Also, make sure to fill out your affiliation info on "Affiliation & Interests".

Once you have verified your email and filled out your affiliation, your name will pop up as a candidate requesting researcher privilege on our end. Since I know who you are, we'll verify you very quickly. Smile
It looks like you have made the changes - I've verified your account. You should be able to launch a session now. Big Grin
Thank you! Yes it works now.

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