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Study Not Loading on MTurk
I've been trying to run some sessions on MTurk and I've gotten some participants saying that they get an error when they try to load the study "There is no content to display at this URL. In some cases you may see this page because your cookies are too restrictive"
I got a few participants to complete the study, so it's working for some people, but it also gave me the error in Sandbox mode (see attached screenshot).
Does anyone know what is going on or how to fix it?

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Hi Sara, this is odd. Can you share the session ID and the link to the sandbox HIT? It's okay if the session has already been ended.
It was doing it on several sessions that I loaded. Here is one on the sandboc:

here is the one that was live with people:
Thanks! We should be able to investigate/fix this by the end of day tomorrow. Sorry about the hiccup.

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