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Problems with creating an account - RECAPTACH
Dear Ting!
I am not sure whether you have read my last message, so I am writing one more time. My research is aready running (4 pieces), but some of the participants report the problem with creating an account on the platform. Firstly they receive the error message. They continue proceeding and manage to input the data concerning the name and password, but when they try to log in to the platform for the first time they encounter the message on "invalid recaptach data". I have advised to change the web browser or use other email adress, but it still does not work.
Please find attached three jpeg files with the screenshots of the problem. I have erased the data concerning login and password, but I am quite sure they have been entered correctly by the participants.
I would be grateful for your assistance in that matter.
Yours sincerely.
Paweł Stefański

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Hi Paweł,

Sorry - I just had a baby last week so I was a little neglect on keeping up with forum posts. If this happens again feel free to email us ([email protected]). Thank you for using the forum though!

I'll look into this and get back to you soon!
Hi Paweł, this is a bug and we just fixed it! So sorry about that - everything should work starting tomorrow morning (your local time zone).
Dear Ting.
Thank you so much for the assistance. I hope everything will be working now ;-). I have informed the participants that the problem had been fixed. I should have the feedback in next couple of days.
I wish your baby, and whole your family all the best!

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