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Auto-redirect function
I'm working on an experiment where I would like participants to take part in several studies (verbal fluency, picture-naming, AX-CPT, self-paced reading, judgement task) in one session. I am wondering if there's a way where I could code so that participants will be re-directed to another study automatically after completion of a study (like on Qualtrics survey)? I understand that we could potentially put together several studies into one trial template, but I'm trying to avoid it because of some of the time-lag issues that participants have been experiencing on tasks that measure reaction time. I'm also trying to avoid having different responses type on the same result file. Any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks so much!
Hi Ariel!

This is a great feature suggestion. Right now FindingFive doesn't have a "custom end of survey" function like qualtrics where you can redirect participants to another survey. But, given how FindingFive supports chained prerequisites, we are thinking that perhaps we can implement a new feature to promote "the next study" in a chain of studies.

Here's how it might work, and let me know if this addresses your need:

You would set up a chain of prerequisite like verbal fluency -> picture-naming -> AX-CPT, etc. When launching verbal fluency, you'd just launch it as is. For picture-naming, you'd set verbal fluency as a prerequisite; for AX-CPT, you'd set picture-naming as a prerequisite, and so on. This way, participants will become automatically eligible for the next study in the chain after they finish the previous one.

The above is already possible on FindingFive.

What we will add, is a mechanism that automatically and prominently notify participants of the "Next Study in the Chain". For example, when they finish verbal fluency, they will either see at the end of the study (on the "That's it. Thanks for your time" screen), and/or via an email, telling them that "hey, you can complete the "Picture Naming Study" now. And this goes on for the rest of the studies in the chain. We can also open up a new section on the "Participate -> Studies" page, with the title "Just for You" (or something like that), where the studies down the chain are displayed once they complete the previous ones.

This way, not only participants will be directed to the studies in sequence, but you as a researcher don't even to handle study links manually! What do you think?
Thanks Ting for your reply and feedback!

I think the idea of notifying participant of the "Next Study in the Chain" at the end of the study is a great idea, and I assume that they could click on a link directly as well? For the idea of "Participate --> Studies" Page, I also think it's very neat and it's definitely easier for us as a researcher. Based on my past experience, participants were always confused with the different links that they need to handle (and actually me as a researcher I'm sometimes confused as well!), so if there's a way to streamline and minimize the number of links we need to share with the participants (that's why I was thinking about the Qualtrics redirecting function where I basically just need one link for multiple surveys), that'd be ideal.
Sounds good! What we'll do is to implement the "end-of-study prompts" first, and we'll definitely make them clickable so that participants can navigate to the next study in the chain easily.

We are also planning to redesign the Studies page, and as part of that redesign, we'll add the "Just for you" section which shows next studies.

I've added to our to-do list a note reminding us to email you once any of these features is done!

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