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Free Recall - how do I change the duration?
It is my first time working with this software and my question might sound silly, but is there a way to change the amount of time the participants will have to name the categories in this test? I used the template and it is set for only 10 seconds and I would like to make it 60 seconds. Thank you in advance! It looks like that now:
"FreeRecallInstructionTT": {
    "type": "instruction",
    "stimuli": [
  "FullCategory": {
    "type": "instruction",
    "stimuli": [
      "Things in the kitchen",
    "delay": 0,
    "stimulus_pattern": {
      "order": "fixed"
    "responses": [
Edit: You may need the audio response instead:


Hello! Welcome to FindingFive! The setting is not in the trial templates, but in the text response itself. You can find more details on how to tweak every little detail of the text responses (and the rest of FindingFive's Study Grammar) here:

Hope this helps.

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