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Cannot find coding error in new grammar
I received this error when trying to preview and launch a new session but I cannot find the coding error in the Study Grammar:
"Your study contains coding errors that we cannot automatically detect yet. Please refer to the Study Grammar Reference for help."
Hi czeidan, 

Thanks for your message. Could you provide more information about your study? Without further detail, we're unable to advise you as to the source of the error.

Hi Rachel,
Thank you for your response. I am having trouble with several studies, actually. I have not changed any of the script/code, it is just the updated grammar that seems to have changed something. I have added the FF research account as a collaborator on the four studies that are having issues.

If you could take a look, I would really appreciate it.
Hi Cloe,
Great to hear from you, and sorry about the trouble. The weird thing is that I can preview all of your studies just fine. Can you log out and log back in (or try a different browser) and try again? Screenshot is attached.
Hi Ting,
It is working now! I had logged out and tried several servers last night but tried again this morning and was able to preview and launch new sessions. I can only guess why that may be but I am very grateful for your quick response. 


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