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Uploading responses from csv: Difficulty with key mapping
we are a group of students using Anna's account to ask for advice on how to upload responses more efficiently. We are currently learning how to use FindingFive.
We are working on a self-paced reading task with many different responses for presenting individual questions. We upload the questions from a csv file.
The difficulty arises with the key mapping specification. In the csv file, we specified the choices and key mapping like this:
choices;       key_mapping
YES, NO;     ["C", "M"]
In the uploaded response, it looked like this:
"type": "choice",
"choices": ["YES","NO"],
"key_mapping":["C","M"], ...
which we think should be fine. However, we got an error message saying that the numbers of choices and keys don't match. When we opened the stimuli and clicked on "save" without changes, the experiment ran without error messages.
It does not seem to be a straightforward formatting issue, since we could solve it simply by opening the responses, clicking "save" for each one without any changes, and running the experiment again. However, it is of course a bit cumbersome to do it this way. 
Would you have any advice on how to avoid this error in uploading in the future? Is something about the format of our csv file not quite right? Could it be something about the settings on our computers that we need to change? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Hi aczyp,
Thanks for your message. We're not able to immediately identify the problem, but we are working on it, and we will get back to you soon.
Hi aczyp,

We identified a bug in the way that the .csv files were being parsed when uploaded. It should be fixed now. Please try again and let us know if you continue to experience this error.
Although not the reason for the error, choices should be quoted in brackets too, because they are a set of values for a single field, like so: "choices": ["YES", "NO"]

Hope that helps!
Hi Rachel,
thank you very much for your messages and for fixing the problem! I will let the class know, they will be happy to hear about it. Best wishes, Anna

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