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multi_select functionality + follow_up_response not working

I tried using the multi_select functionality in choice response type and also include the "other" option, with the possibility for participants to type in their own answer. When used separately, both functions work fine but they don't seem to work together. The follow_up_response thing no longer appears. Could you please help me on that?

Thank you for your help!
Hey Stella,

Just me trying to imagine what might be the problem - in a multi select scenario, the answer itself is a list of options. So in the follow-up response setup, you will likely need a nested list like:

{"match": [["value1", "value2"]], "responses": ["follow_up_response1"]}

But as you can imagine, multi-select makes things a lot more complex, such as the order in which the participants select the options might matter. In that case, you could try adding [["value2", "value1"]] as another matching condition to it to capture all cases.

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