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Syntax for using carryover response as response target
I was looking for guidance on what the syntax would be for utilizing the carryover response (collected in a naming trial) as the target response value in a testing trial. Each testing trial has 4 images and the "correct" target choice is the item corresponding to what they hear (audio stim) currently using the syntax from the documentation in the carryover response with involves the %s.
Thank you and let me know if you need more context.
Hi Reina,

This would be a text carryover response right? Unfortunately it's not possible to set the value of a text response as the target of a choice response. How crucial is it to your design? We can look into adding this feature.

Just to clarify: Right now carryover responses can be only used as stimuli. We are definitely happy to extend it to other uses, but each application would require some additional work (that we are happy to do as long as there's a reasonable timeline).

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