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uploading zip file
Hi FF team,

I'm trying to upload some stimuli, but have been failing all day. I've put them in a zip folder the size of which is 157MB and we have 900MB free from our storage allowance. I've tried uploading with firefox AND chrome, and cannot do it. I just get stuck at the "uploading the zip archive step" for hours and i cannot understand what's the problem. Surely 150MB should upload quickly, i've uploaded much more with the current internet connection, so i doubt that could be the reason.
Your help would be appreciated!

Hi bissera,
The instructions on batch uploading a zip archive (found under the upload button) say that the maximum file size after compression is 100 MB. 
So if the file size of the zip archive after compression is 150 MB, that would be the problem. 

Thanks, Rachel. It's working now. Is there any reason why we can upload up to 400 items in a single zip file? Just asking because i've had to separate my 2768 files in separate batches and it's not the first time i'm using that many files, so would hope there'll be no limits like that in the future (:
Hi Bissera,

That's a great question! I completely understand the hassle. These limits are put in place to prevent our servers from locking up while processing a ZIP file upload, which is actually a quite heavy workload. In the future (hopefully a near one) where our funding situation improves, we can upgrade the servers we currently rent and adjust these limits accordingly. Wink

Hopefully we can get to that in the second half of 2022!


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