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getting data from timed out participants
I've had a few people take my study but then time out because they got distracted. Still, the data they contributed is usable, even if it's not a full set. How can i access it?
Hi Bissera,

This is a great question. Technically of course we can make the data available, but according to our privacy policy, participant consent is needed as well for this. From FindingFive's perspective, we can't distinguish between whether the participant meant to "let it time out" or "accidentally time out". The privacy-first assumption would then be treating this as if participants wanted to withdraw from the study instead.

That being said, if you could obtain an email from each of those timed-out participants, stating that they are okay with their data being made available to you, we can definitely mark them as "completed" so that you can download their data! Please send those emails to our support email inbox. Wink

Hope this is a reasonable solution? Let us know! Thanks.
Hi Ting,

I understand the concern with withdrawal, but didn't think about it beforehand, thanks for the clarification! I think most of them re-did it already, but i'll keep this in mind for next time (:


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