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Setting Up Colored Border Around Image Stimuli

I was wondering if there's a way to set up a colored border around image stimuli. I have the stimuli grouped in two different groups and I want to have one group with one colored border while the other has another color for one of the trials in my experiment. 

Thank you! Heart
Hi - this is a great suggestion. Right now, I'm afraid you'll need to make two sets of stimuli and add a border to one of them manually. There are online services for making this relatively painless (although a lengthy manual process):

Going forward, we will definitely add this feature to FindingFive so that it's possible to add borders to image stimuli from within FF. However, since we update our grammar monthly, you'll need to wait till mid-March for this feature. If you are not in a super rush, we could also just wait till then?

Thanks again for the suggestion.

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