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Participant Error
Hello - 
Recently, my participants have been receiving an error stating that "irregularities in their responses have been detected" shortly after they've begun a task in my study. They're then unable to continue. The task is simple and repetitive, and I've been testing participants for a few months without issue. I'm not sure as to why this is occurring but I would greatly appreciate any guidance on getting this issue resolved. Thank you. 

Is your session launched under the latest version of the grammar? That is, when you launch a new session, did FindingFive give you an option between "using the old grammar version at risk" and "preview the study again"? In our experiences, this error occurs because your study is stuck on a very old version of the study grammar. You can upgrade the study grammar version supporting your study by previewing your study from the beginning to the end one more time.

In general, it will be a good idea to preview your study from time to time, at least once a month, to stay up to date with the latest bug fixes in the grammar.

If you are already using the latest grammar (that is, not seeing the warning window when launching a new session), we can take a look at what happened if you could provide us the session ID.


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