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allowing dropouts to re-enter study
Hi all,
I've got a couple of sessions running for which i'm pretty certain i ticked the "allow dropouts to do study", however when people are being a bit stupid and despite the instructions try to do the study on their phone for example and then see it doesn't work and try to do it again from a computer, they aren't allowed. Technically they are a dropout because they didn't finish the study the first time around so i don't understand why can't they keep attempting until they finish it given that i've ticked the allow dropouts box.
Also, i think it would be really useful, on the manage study page, i can see the people who finished the study and those who abandoned, and when i click on a participant who abandoned i have the option to send them a compensation. Why can't i have the option to let them try the study again?
Hi Bissera,

The same participant can never take the same session twice. The option you checked actually says "Allow participants who attempted previous sessions of this study to retry". This has to be designed this way, or otherwise we are running the risk of people overwriting their data on purpose (e.g., they didn't like their performance so far).

I am afraid that you'll need to set up a new session for those participants.

Hi Ting!
Thanks for the reply. Ok, i see the concern here and definitely agree i wouldn't want to have participants decide on their own to re-do the study. But perhaps it could be useful if researchers were allowed, in the same way like they are allowed to send compensation to a particular ppt who dropped out, to also allow a given ppt manually to do the study again. But for now i'll keep making new sessions (:
#4 are you thinking of some type of "manual" link that researchers can send to participants to repeat a session? Sounds like a brilliant idea. We'll look into the feasibility of it!
Yes! Right now when i go on my session and preview the participants who dropped out, if i click on one of them, i get a little button with which i can send them compensation if i want to. Maybe a another button just next to that with which i could allow them to retake the study would be great! I wanted to attach a screenshot, but i'm not sure if it's attaching allright... can send it via email if needed (:
Thanks for visualization this! Yes, that sounds like the way to go. We'll try to add this feature in the next couple of weeks. Will send out an email when it's ready!

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