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Image file name changed
Hi everyone, We just noticed that our images have a set of numbers added to the beginning of their names in the resources pages (and in the "stimuli" section of our study).  For example:
  "type": "image",
  "content": "61815d56f1288d60117e67d4_p1.jpg",
  "width": "50%"

The original file name was p1.jpg. 
We're not sure if this is due to the platform update or because we transferred ownership of our program to a different user.  Same thing seems to have happened to our audio files. Everything seems to work fine, other than this addition to all our image and audio file names.  Could you please clarify?  Thanks!
This file name change happens because the study has been transferred to you. I assume you are not the original creator of the study? We prepend the ID of the original study to the file in case the transfer receiver (i.e., your current account) has a file of the same name, to avoid accidentally overwriting the receiver's original file (if it exists).

You'll notice that we automatically changed the reference to files within your stimulus definitions too. That's why things work out of the box after a transfer.

Hope this helps.

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