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private study page or link to the experiment
Our lab wants to keep our study page (i.e., the entering page for our study and task) private because we would recruit our own participants based on our email contacts. So we wonder if we could set up our own private page/link so that our participants can follow the link that we will share with them in order to start the experiment.
Your response will be appreciate.

Participants and other researchers can see the name, description, and notes of studies published on FindingFive. However, it is possible to restrict access to your experiment with an access code. You can set up an access code when you publish a session with the session creation wizard and then only give out the access code to the participants you recruit. Other participants browsing FindingFive will be able to click on your study from the front page, but when they try to participate, they will not be able to get in without the access code you have set. To ensure more privacy for your study, you can use a vague study description for the front page of the study and give your participants more detailed information in your recruitment information or once they actually begin the study.

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