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target for response not working in french
Hi FF team,

I'm presenting two text options for a choice response and to make analysis easier i wanted to use the "target" feature of the choice response. I've written my response like so:
  "type": "choice",
  "choices": [
    "C'est un ours noir, qui est petit ?",
    "C'est un petit ours, qui est noir ?"
  "instruction": " ",
  "key_mapping": [
  "key_only": true,
  "locations": "fixed",
  "target": [
    "C'est un petit ours, qui est noir ?"
  "delay": 0.5

Then when i run the study i unfortunately get all FALSE-s as a response, because the response target isn't processed correctly i think: in my data file under the column "response_target" i only get " [C " (to compare under the response_column i indeed get the full "C'est un petit ours, qui est noir ?") But when i go back to my study and open my response it doesn't seem to be misinterpreting my quotation marks, so i don't know how to get it to understand which " ' to count and which not.

Hi Bissera,

This is a golden example. Thank you for the report. Can you add "" as a collaborator to your study? We'd like to see the bug in action and test a potential fix directly on your study.

Though apologies in advance, it might take us a bit long to fix it for you since this is the Thanksgiving week in the US. Most of us are traveling, busy cooking, or just finding time to relax a bit. Wink

Hi Ting!

Yes, of course, i hope you all find time to relax amid all the cooking and travelling (: It's not really urgent, i only wanted to use it to make data processing one step less, but i'll be very much able to cope without it, so no stress!

I've added FF research as collaborators to a copy of the study so you can play with it as much as you want and i'll just run my study as it is. I was thinking i can substitute my " ' " with unicode "U+0027" somehow, but wasn't sure how to plug it in and it's not the most sustainable way to fix the problem anyway..

Keep me in the loop!


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