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Hybrid stimulus and response format
I am trying to create an experiment were people rate emojis for valence and arousal. The total number of emojis is 54, divided into 3 lists (20 - 20 - 14). I have randomised the order of the emojis in each list. Now, my problem is the following:
In every list, I want two images to be presented below each emoji; one picture indicating 9 levels of valence and one picture showing nine arousal levels. Below each picture, a rating option (1-9 Likert scale) should be available. This is the code in Trial Templates for list 1:

  "responses":["valence_resp", "arousal_resp"]

1: Will the rating responses work the way I have included them in the code?
2: How do I include the two images in the stimuli as stable stimuli in each trial?

Thank you very much in advance!
Hi Katerina,

Please take a look at the grammar documentation where nested lists can be used to display multiple stimuli on the same trial.

You may find this tutorial helpful as well:

Hi Ting!

Thank you very much for your answer to my post and for the useful links you included. Unfortunately, although they helped on other aspects, I still cannot solve my problem.

Here is the code for the part that doesn't run properly. Basically, I have created three lists, each including a number of stimuli that are images for emojis. I want these images to appear randomnly on screen in position 2 (based on the 3X3 grid). Below them, in positions 4 and 6, two images should appear and they should appear for all emojis (so fixed stimulus pattern). For that I created the trial template "images." Below those images, again with a fixed stimulus pattern, two rating scales should appear, one for each image. These scales I included in the trial template "list" because I want the ratings to be done on the emojis.
When I run this part, only the emoji and the rating for valence appear on screen. I also tried to include the images directly in the Responses for each rating scale, but again it did not work. At the end of the code I attached, you can see the code for the block corresponding to list.

I would really appreciate your advice on what I could do.
Thank you very much!

"responses":["valence_resp", "arousal_resp"],

"which":["angenehm_unangenehm", "aufgeregt_ruhig"],


Hi Katerina!

Thank you for reaching out again! I understand you would like the responses to appear simultaneously alongside one another. Unfortunately, FindingFive does not currently allow for such a layout at this time. 

If you would like assistance in creating an alternate design or have any other questions, I am more than happy to help out!

Hello Victoria,

Thank you very much for your reply! I will have to discuss this with my supervisor and then get back to you!

Hi Katerina,

The primary reason of why we don't allow simultaneous presentation of more than one response has to do when a trial is considered "done". When responses are presented one by one, answering the last response concludes a trial. But when many are visible at the same time, what if the participant answers the last one first? What if the participant just won't want to answer some of them? The complexity scales up quickly, and we don't have a satisfying way to handle it at the moment.

Happy to brainstorm more with you and Victoria.


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