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Hybrid stimulus and response format
I am trying to create an experiment were people rate emojis for valence and arousal. The total number of emojis is 54, divided into 3 lists (20 - 20 - 14). I have randomised the order of the emojis in each list. Now, my problem is the following:
In every list, I want two images to be presented below each emoji; one picture indicating 9 levels of valence and one picture showing nine arousal levels. Below each picture, a rating option (1-9 Likert scale) should be available. This is the code in Trial Templates for list 1:

  "responses":["valence_resp", "arousal_resp"]

1: Will the rating responses work the way I have included them in the code?
2: How do I include the two images in the stimuli as stable stimuli in each trial?

Thank you very much in advance!
Hi Katerina,

Please take a look at the grammar documentation where nested lists can be used to display multiple stimuli on the same trial.

You may find this tutorial helpful as well:


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