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Hi FF team,

I have an active session for one of my studies and have five participants who already completed. A few people however have contacted me re the consent form, which they apparently cannot download, something along the lines of:
"I went to the link you sent me and clicked on the "read the consent form" button. Another message appears telling me to click on it to read it, I click and then I get a 404 error page: impossible to read the document. "
They're using chrome (i've instructed them to).

Any ideas why this might be happening and what to do? I understand it might be cookies-related, but can you tell me exactly what shall i instruct participants?

Hi Bissera,

It appears that somehow the consent form on your study was not set up correctly (it seems to be a bug, not your fault!). Your participants can still take the study, as quite a few of them have already done. If you'd like us to fix it for you on the backend, please send us an email ( and include

* the session ID
* the name of the file you'd like to use as the consent form (it should already exist under "Research -> Resource Files")


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