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compatibility with Lab.js
Hi guys,
I am new to Finding Five Smile . I have an experiment already scripted in Lab.js, but I had to move it to FindingFive because the sound recorder for oral responses is not working correctly in Lab.js
Does anyone know if there is a possibility to import my Lab.js script in Finding Five? Or do I have to start from scratch?

Many thanks!
Hi Marjolaine,

Thanks for trying out FindingFive! We differ from the approaches like Lab.js or jsPsych in that we do not ask researchers to write JavaScript directly. Instead, researchers use a JSON-based study grammar to create experiments. So I am afraid that the answer to your question would be yes, you'll need to start from scratch. But in the long run, FindingFive should be much easier as our features are truly plug-and-play. Our audio response, for example, works very reliably and even has two types, one requiring participant interactions ( and the other recording participants in the background (

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know. You can also browser our tutorials under the "Get Help" -> "Tutorials" link on your home page.
Hi Ting,

Many thanks for the answer, a colleague shared with me a simple picture naming experiment in FF with automatic sound recordings, I am going to start from that and see how I can adapt it to my experiment.

You are most welcome! We are here for you! Wink

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