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Weird/bad stimuli file behavior
Tried to update a video file (upload a new, updated video with the same name as the old file to resource files) this afternoon. The file did indeed update in "resource files": clicking on the file from "Resource files" played the new, updated video I uploaded. However, when I went to run my study, the stimuli corresponding to this file was still playing the old file.
I even deleted the file in question from "Resource files" and somehow stimuli corresponding to this file is still playing the old file, even though no such file exists in "resource files"! 
I do know that something went wrong earlier this afternoon (505 error between 330-4 pm?), so I am not sure if this has something to do with that event. . . . .

Quick update: Just remembering this particular project was transferred from my personal to lab account, and I was attempting to upload the new file to the lab account. So I went back to my personal account and uploaded the new version there, and it immediately updated the stimuli lab account.

Although it now works, this seems like kind of weird behavior. . . Am I doing something wrong here?
Thanks for the interesting bug report. We'll try to replicate this issue and give you an update soon.

As for outage this afternoon, unfortunately our cloud provider suffered a global outage this afternoon, which has since been fixed. This should be a one-off event, like Facebook's meltdown a couple of days ago. Wink
Hi, we can't replicate this issue on our end.

Can you confirm that you are the owner of the study now, not just a collaborator? If you are a collaborator, then what you described is supposed to happen: the study is the original owner's study, and it references files from the original owner's bank of files.

You can use the "transfer this study" feature to make this study officially yours (i.e., initiate a transfer request from the personal account and then accept it in the lab account). After a successful transfer, the study will disappear from your personal account. The lab account will take over completely.
Ah, ok -- that's what I need to do. Thank you!
Sure thing! You are most welcome.

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