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How can I map keys to start/stop recording and continue?
Hey all, I have a study where I have a audio type response. 

Participants are displayed a single sentence as stimulus in the trial. The response doesn't have a barrier and shows up below the stimulus sentence immediately (as desired).

I've noticed that FindingFive accepts the NumLock Enter key to make the audio recording start, and the spacebar stops the recording. After the recording stops, there's the classic orange continue button. I couldn't find a key that corresponds to clicking the orange continue button.

My question is can I change the keys that start and stop the recording? Can I also map a key or keys to progress to the next trial like the spacebar?

Thank you for your attention, and apologies if something like this was already posted. I skimmed the thread titles but I couldn't see something related to this.

Oh also had a new question:

Is it possible for the trial to end and proceed to the next one as soon as the participant stops recording? (skipping clicking the continue button, or hitting a different key)
Please see the "key_stop" property of the audio response:

If clicking to start recording is too cumbersome for participants, "auto_start" is also among the properties supported by the audio response. Unfortunately there's no way to bind that to a specific key or the final confirm button.

Alternatively, you may want to use the "background audio response" if you are looking for a recording solution that requires no interaction from the participants. It's important to keep them informed of being recorded though! Smile
Thank you for the quick reply Ting! appreciated

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