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link in link-only option
We are trying to use the link-only option when posting the study on Mturk. The link just doesn't work. It only takes us to the intro page and won't go forward anymore. I wonder if there is any way I can make the URL link work (for testing or sent out to people for pilot runs). Thank you!
Hi Yihan, the link only option for mturk is for advanced users who can themselves program a javascript script that runs on top of it. It'll require query string manipulations that require an understanding of how web servers work. If this doesn't sound immediately familiar to you, we highly advise against using this option.

What you have observed is indeed intended to happen - by default (i.e., without additional programming setup on researcher's part), it gives you the cover page only.
If you are looking for a way to pilot your study, the best way is to launch a study on the FindingFive platform itself. Select "my own institutional pool" and set a passcode. That link will always work.
Thank you so much. This is very helpful!

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