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Recruitment Bug
Hi Everyone,
Recently started a study on FindingFive. I wanted to recruit twenty participants. For that reason, I linked my FindingFive study to Prolifics. Now, Prolifics reports to me that 20 participants finished the study. On the other hand, FindingFive reports me that only 19 participants completed the study. Moreover, FindingFive tells that there were 4 abandonments during the study whereas Prolifics reports that there as 5. Now, I cannot see the data to decide who is right as I need to end the session to see the data. However, if I end the session, and if there were only 19 participants as FindingFive tells me, then I need to rerun the session. Is there any way to see how much data has been collected without ending the session to decide which platform is right?
Hi - do you have a trial at the end that displays a code that participants need to put back in Prolific? If so, the most likely explanation is that one participant force quit the study at that point, resulting in an "abandonment" event registered on FindingFive.

In the future you could ask a sentence on such a trial asking them to click "continue" to properly finish the study.

If you email us at with your session ID, we can verify this and restore that participant's data for you.
Thank you very much! I will send an e-mail!
Hi - we haven't heard from you yet. There's definitely no rush, but we'd be happy to help you with this whenever we receive your email request. Thanks!

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