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onset detection feature
As I'm extracting reaction time for one of my experiments run on FF, I have the following question about the onset detection feature of audio responses. If I have the setting of "delay": 0.3 for the test trials in my trial template, does the detected reaction time include the "0.3"? In other words, is the reaction time calculated from only the start of my stimuli till the point at which the participant first starts to speak, or is it calculated from the start of the trial till the point at which the participant first starts to speak?

Thank you so much!
Hi - that onset timestamp would not include the 0.3. The onset is the duration between the activation of the audio response and the first detectable utterance. So the 0.3 delay isn't included.

However, note that this duration is not necessarily "from only the start of your stimuli", because the start of your stimuli may not be the activation / start of the audio response, if you have fancy configurations involving barrier and other features. In cases where the your stimuli are instantaneous and have no inherent duration, then the start of your stimuli may be (approximately) the same as the start of the audio response.

Hope this makes sense?
Thanks Ting! Can you explain more about what "barrier and other features" mean?
Please see this tutorial:

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